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Our Smart Solutions Suite

Custom solutions for process and productivity gaps

Our approach is built around the business’s need to identify, step by step, the most suitable solutions for operational gaps, in relation to the elements to be automated, the operative context and the process requirements. We propose complete solutions, taking care of integration within the company computer system and managing the necessary hardware set. We have specific experience and know-how in highly complex sectors such as the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) sector.

Identifying requirements and analyzing the processes to be supported

Mapping business processes (as-is) and evaluating possible improvements (to-be). Defining the functional and technological requisites for the automation of the processes.

Identifying and experimenting solutions

We evaluate and define the most suitable solution, carrying out tests and experiments in the field.

Developing software applications and supplying hardware

We design and develop back-end systems, integrating existing systems where necessary, as well as the software applications used by the users, taking special care in the user’s experience and supporting mobile use. Thanks to our network of technological partners we can offer the hardware components necessary to complete the solution.

Change management & support

We accompany the client in managing the change in company procedures by means of training, communication and assistance activities aimed at the final users.
We supply technical support for the maintenance and operative management of the created solution.