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Enterprise Social Business

Collaborating to work better

The new digital technologies can drastically improve the way people work within a company by creating a working environment based on collaboration, on the creation of social networks, and on sharing information: all these elements make business processes more efficient and unleash the potential of those working in the company. In our projects the key factor is to link the new technologies with the actual needs of the organisation and of the individuals, in a continuous path to change that we create and follow step by step.

Digital Workplace

The evolution of the traditional Intranet portal has given birth to a new concept: the creation of an integrated digital environment that gives the user everything he/she needs to work, from any location and on any device. Processes, applications, knowledge, co-workers, services and information: in a Digital Workplace everything you need is only a click away.

Business Collaboration

Company processes are made up of structured steps and de-structured collaborative flows, increasingly influenced by the performance of the process itself. Traditional analysis models usually consider these two components separately, failing to understand and support the company’s real work methods. The solution is to rethink the flow of the process from a collaborative point of view, designing computer solutions that are capable of integrating and contextualising all the necessary functions, in a co-design and change management system that involves those working on the process itself from the very beginning.

Idea Management

Taking advantage of collective intelligence in order to collect advice, develop new ideas, consolidate them and lead them to become new innovative projects. In order to reach this objective it is necessary to have state of the art methods and tools, capable of adapting to the specific objectives and requirements of each company.